Child Find


Child Find Process

Payson Unified School District No. 10, is trying to locate children with disabilities who are not presently receiving special education/vocational education services, or who are receiving services that are inadequate or inappropriate.


These children should be residents of the Payson Unified School District and qualify for placement in special education programs as determined by an individual evaluation.  Children who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability, speech-language impairment, hearing impairment, visual impairment or learning disability and who are forced to stay at home because of emotional, physical or mental disabilities may qualify for special education and/or vocational education services with the Payson School District. 


Children from birth to five years old who are not eligible for kindergarten and who are suspected of having developmental delays may qualify for early intervention or preschool services through Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) or the Payson Unified School District’s Special Needs Preschool Program.


Should you know of a child who may need early intervention, special education or vocational services or programs, please contact AzEIP at (602) 532-9960; or Preschool Program Specialist, at (928) 472-5800; or Director of Special Services, at (928) 472-5800; or Vocational Education, at (928) 468-8211.